Film & Media Students bring Innovation to Life

31 Jul 2013 - 13:45

In the first of what will hopefully become a more regular collaboration, UCT Film & Media students showcased UCT innovation in one of their "Stepping Stones" film projects. The film can be viewed on YouTube and has done a great deal to profile spin-off company Strait Access Technologies and their development of innovative replacement heart valves and deployment devices. It also explored the human angle, with patient interviews and really makes the story interesting and accessible to the general public. Great to see UCT innovation profiled in this way. The film was shown at the Innovation Evening which celebrated UCT's Innovation Stars!

The film was Produced and Directed by Ashleigh da Silva who also wrote the script, whilst Darwees Williams was the Director: Photography.

Cape Town is certainly emerging as a hub of innovation in the medical device space, with UCT counting a number of its own spin-off companies in this sector that is destined to grow. The film highlights the importance of inventors who are willing to take up the risks inherent in the start-up space and the need for funding of these ventures. Here there was co-investment by Bidvest and the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) to get this start-up out of the starting blocks.