Creating UCT Spin-Off Companies – Guide Launched

10 May 2021 - 12:45

As new Guide to Creating a University Spin-off Venture was launched as part of UCT’s 2021 World Intellectual Property Day celebrations which have the theme: IP and SMEs: Taking your Ideas to Market.


The guide was produced by RC&I specifically for UCT, to provide insight into the various considerations and approvals processes when starting a company to commercialise UCT intellectual property.  Topics include types of licenses, decision making bodies, managing conflicts of interest and things to think about when looking to incubate a venture within a department. 


RC&I appreciate the  generous funding support received from the DSI National IP Management Office (NIPMO) that enabled the booklet to be created and printed.  Hardcopies are available on request from RC&I.


Three members of the RC&I Innovation team presented the webinar: Tshepi Khahlu (Senior IP Officer) introduced World IP Day, Dr Andrew Bailey (Senior Manager: Innovation) provided a perspective on spin-off companies that have come from UCT and the funding that enables this to happen and Niall Naidoo (New Venture Support Manager) discussed his new role and how he has been assisting fledgling spin-off companies like Sleep Science.  If you missed the webinar, you can view it here.