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Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP)

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) provides funding to Industry Partners to leverage collaboration between industry and universities “for research and development in science, engineering and technology on a cost-sharing basis, to produce highly-skilled human resources and technology solutions, for improved industry competitiveness.

The guideline (which indicates eligible expenses) and various checklists and templates are available as downloads from the Right Hand Panel on this page. Also see the frequently asked questions section for further guidance. For queries and to engage with RC&I for the completion of THRIP applications and contracts, please contact Francois Oosthuizen, Technology Commercialisation Manager. 

The process is outlined in the flow diagram below.

Please note the following frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Entity Eligibility
    • Only companies / entities that are registered in RSA are eligible to apply for THRIP funding. See section 4 in the THRIP Guidelines for the exact entities.
  2. Bursary Arrangement
    • In the event of an ongoing THRIP project being abandoned for whatever reason, the bursary component of the THRIP project will survive the abandoned project. The dti will continue to provide funding for the bursaries for the duration of the original bursary award.
  3. Distinction between Graduate and Student
    • There is a distinct difference between enrolled students and recent graduates. Please ensure that the appropriate approach and funding request is submitted for the specific human resources that will be used in the project.
  4. Co-Funding Availability to Release THRIP Tranche
    • When a project reaches a funding milestone, and/or when a payment drawdown is due from THRIP (as specified in the original approved project plan) an invoice must be submitted to THRIP.
    • At that time, the Industry Partner must be able to demonstrate that their matching funding (50% or 75% or etc.) has been paid into the banking account set up for the project.
    • The Industry Partner does not have to deposit the full amount for the entire project upfront.  Their contribution is only required by the dti as the work towards each milestone starts.