Technology Pipeline


Technology Development,  Licensing & Commercialisation

UCT has a number of different technologies in a variety of fields and at different stages of development that we are keen to identify Commercial Partners for. We approach technology licensing and commercialisation on a case by case basis and enter into both exclusive and non-exclusive license agreements, but do consider outright sale of intellectual property as well as taking equity in start-up and spin-out companies depending on the circumstances.

We also look for potential partners who are able to assist the innovation process through technology development, especially through scale-up, piloting and market trials. We often form consortia and partnerships to access funding to support these initiatives, successfully commercialising our technologies in the marketplace.

One of our core objectives is to stimulate the growth of the South African economy by fostering small business development and/or the creation of jobs through the commercialisation of UCT's intellectual property.

See the Available Technologies page to see the various opportunities in different sectors. You may also download the Innovation Opportunities which is produced periodically.  This includes all technologies available for licensing, investment required by businesses in the process of spinning off and next round investment required by existing spin-off companies.  Entrepreneurship opportunities are also profiled – i.e. we have the technology, but need somebody to drive the spin-off company.

The Glass Pipeline provides an overview of all of the UCT technologies that are in development, even ones that may not yet be ready for commercialisation.