IP Research

The Intellectual Property Law & Policy Research Unit

The Intellectual Property Law & Policy Research Unit, in UCT's Faculty of Law assists in developing IP Law and Policy in southern Africa and aims to contribute to the manner in which this topic is treated and how policies and legislation are developed in the emerging and developing countries throughout the world. Many aspects that are specific to developing countries are often overlooked by developed countries when establishing international policies relating to IP.

The unit is headed by Professor Julian Kinderlerer who holds the Department of Science and Technology Chair in IP Law.

The Unit specialises in Patent Law and Policy, primarily in relation to development issues for new technologies in the area of Health, Biotechnology, Genetics, Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology, Electronic media and Business methods. Importantly the unit also has expertise in Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) issues (Biodiversity Act and Traditional Knowledge Bill) and in areas of copyright protection, including .

The unit is the hosting institution for Creative Commons South Africa. Creative Commons South Africa strives to make Creative Commons licences work for South Africa, e.g., by formulating South African versions of the six different Creative Commons licences.

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