Lab notebooks

RC&I prints UCT Laboratory Notebooks for use by our research community. These books are compliant with the requirements for proof of inventorship and intellectual property rights. Prof Jennifer Thomson, of the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UCT, wrote the foreword on how to maintain and use a lab notebook, having written the section on the topic contained in "Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: A Handbook of Best Practices".

The laboratory notebooks, which have a thread-sewn binding, numbered pages and space for sign-off and witnessing, are also in line with the requirements of international Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Tips on both Intellectual Property and research funding have been included as footers on certain pages and there is also more detailed information on the three offices within the Department of Research and Innovation: Research Contracts and IP Services; the Research Office; and the Postgraduate Funding Office.

The books have been made easily affordable through the kind sponsorship of a number of organisations:


Air Products, Cape Bio Pharms, DSI National Intellectual Property Office (NIPMO), Inqaba Biotechnical Industries, Lasec, Von Seidels, Waltons, Whitehead Scientific, Zeiss Group


National IP Management Office (NIPMO), Spoor & Fisher, Von Seidels, Waltons


Von Seidels, Roche, Merck, Celtic Diagnostics, Lasec, United Scientific, Inqaba Biotech, Spoor & Fisher, Whitehead Scientific, Air Products, National IP Management Office (NIPMO).


Celtic Diagnostics, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Lasec, Merck, National Research Foundation (NRF), Roche, Spoor & Fisher, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), The Scientific Group, United Scientific, Von Seidels and Whitehead Scientific, National IP Management Office (NIPMO).


Air Products, LASEC, Merck, NRF, Roche, Spoor & Fisher, Von Seidels and Waltons.

We really appreciate their generous support.


Order Notebooks

Laboratory notebooks are available at R30 each to UCT staff and students and can be ordered from RC&I by Departments, Researchers or Research Groups - ideally in blocks of 10 to minimise admin. Download the form from the right-hand panel, complete it, email to or  together with a copy of your journal transfer.

Should you have queries relating to the notebooks, please contact Yandi Sopete 021 650 4015.