Copyright at UCT

The UCT IP Policy divides copyrightable works into two categories. For the first category UCT retains ownership, whilst in the other case, UCT automatically assigns the copyright to the authors.

Category 1 Examples - Owned by UCT

(Work produced to support core/support functions)

  • Multiple choice tests and exam questions
  • Syllabuses and curricula
  • Software commissioned by UCT to support academic or research administrative processes or the general operational management of UCT
  • Software developed as part of a research project, unless assigned by research agreement to another party
  • Photographs or digital images taken by UCT staff for media/publicity or specifically commissioned by UCT
  • All UCT produced publications including but not limited to The Monday Paper, Varsity, Research Report, electronic media and content on UCT website
  • Specifically commissioned works and course materials that fall outside the scope of normal academic work

Note that data is regarded as a "Tangible Research Property" and is owned by UCT (see the IP Policy).


Category 2 Examples - Assigned Automatically to and Owned by Authors

  • Scholarly & literary publications (incl. theses, where students own the copyright)
  • Paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics and photographs produced as an art form
  • Recordings of musical performances
  • Musical compositions
  • Teaching/Course materials produced by staff - unless commissioned by UCT. Condition: perpetual royalty-free licence to use, copy and adapt for teaching and research.
  • Film

Where academics wish to include examination questions in a textbook that they wish to publish, permission for their use should be sought from RC&I.

Please refer to the UCT IP Policy for full details.