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Blanket Licence Agreement

UCT Blanket Licence Agreement for use of other people's material: Advice for UCT staff & students

Often a transactional licence is obtained from a published one-off licence which authorizes specific reproduction of a specific item for a specific purpose, e.g. the making of 355 copies of an article of 15 pages from the South African Journal of Economics for an Economics 1 module. It is preceded by a detailed application, and authorization for the proposed reproduction is granted against payment of a calculated reproduction right royalty.

For UCT staff and students the process is made a great deal easier as UCT has entered in to a blanket licence agreement with DALRO, obviating the need for numerous transactional licences in our environment. This is an umbrella licence issued to educational institutions against the payment of a fixed fee per Full-time Equivalent Student. Download a copy of the UCT Blanket Licence Agreement from the top right of this page.

What is authorised in terms of UCT's Blanket Licence?



  1. Five forms of copying or dissemination are authorized by the blanket licence:
    • Course packs or readers, i.e. compilation works containing extracts from a variety of published sources, distributed to students;
    • Single handouts, i.e. journal or magazine articles, or extracts from books, in excess of the reproduction quota determined by the regulations in the Act (Section 13 of the Copyright Act);
    • Transient (for the duration of the course or module) electronic copies for printing out substantially identical paper copies, either by lecturers, or by the students themselves. Typical examples of this is the posting of works on UCT's intranet, or the posting of works on the library's electronic reserve;
    • Placing of copies (single items and/or compilation works) in the library's short loan section (i.e. on reserve) for on-copying by students;
    • Alternate format copies for visually impaired persons.
  2. The extent of copying allowed under the blanket licence is as follows:
    • From a Book, a maximum of one chapter (if the book is divided into chapters) or approximately 10% if there is no chapter division;
    • From a Journal or Magazine, the complete article (one or more) required;
    • From a collection of Law Reports or Statutes, the complete report or statute (one or more);
    • From an anthology or volume of Short Stories or Poetry, the complete short story or the complete poem;

Obtaining clearance

Although the licence authorises reproduction in advance with retrospective reporting, for functional purposes clearance before copying is required. The Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC) system is used for this purpose and CHEC's application procedure must be followed. In accordance with an arrangement with DALRO, CHEC will submit the applicable UCT applications as reports to DALRO.

To obtain clearance for copying copyrighted material (e.g. for class handouts) contact:

Janetta van der Merwe (Ms)
Project Director: Publishing Liaison Office
Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC)
P O Box 18094, Wynberg, 7824, South Africa
Tel: 021 763 7112/00 Fax: 021 763 7117