Awards & Incentives

UCT Inventors Mug

The UCT Inventor Coffee Mug was launched in November 2010. This sought-after mug is awarded to Inventors on the filing of a provisional patent application.

The mug was launched as a bit of fun to "reward and recognise" UCT Inventors after the successful filing of a provisional patent application as many of the rewards from patenting take quite some time to come through, either in the form of granted patents and/or hopefully commercialisation of the IP.


Mugs were handed out at the 2010 Innovation Evening, to those past Inventors who had filed a provisional patent (at least) and who were still at UCT.

RC&I will also be obtaining duplicate copies of granted South African patent certificates for the corresponding UCT Inventors so that they can have them framed for their offices / departments. With their official ribbons in the colours of the SA flag and the official seal, the patents look impressive!

Inventors can elect to receive duplicate copies of patents granted in other countries at their expense. They should make the RC&I Case Manager aware of this requirement.