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Hot Platinum

Hot Platimum

Capitlising on that intense allure of molten metal, Hot Platinum has successfully developed innovative platinum casting equipment from technology developed by the UCT Engineering & Built Environment Faculty. UCT graduates and entrepreneurs Ali Brey (Managing Director) and Irshad Khan (Technical Director) have established a production facility in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, from which they have produced units that have been distributed to nearly all the jewelry design centres at tertiary institutions as well as a number of mining houses, and jewellers in South Africa.

Hot Platimum equipment

The equipment is capable of melting and casting, platinum (20-250g), palladium, gold, silver and stainless steel using standard single phase power; making it an accessible and cost effective solution to small manufacturing jewelers as well as dentists. An innovative centrifugal casting unit optimises the casting process.

The firm achieved European Certification and learnt a great deal in the process - overcoming a significant hurdle in commercialisation. After successful reception at a number of international trade fares, the export market is opening up and the first units have been exported. Read more about them at here.