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Elemental Numerics (Pty) Ltd (previously Elemental Technologies IP Holdings)

During 2013, UCT started the process of becoming a shareholder in its newest spin-off company, Elemental Numerics (Pty) Ltd (previously Elemental Technologies IP Holdings), established to commercialise the Elemental software that has been developed by Assoc. Prof Arnaud Malan of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Elemental software is a giant leap for technology.  It uses novel mathematical models and equations in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – enabling scientists to study the dynamics of fluid flow, offering accurate predictions and unprecedented insights. It is a sophisticated analysis technique offering multiple predictions with diverse applications from aircraft design to heart valves.  The versatility of the software allows for countless applications in collaboration with other departments and faculties across UCT, which we are already seeing.

Whilst Prof Malan developed the original code over a number of years, prior to joining UCT, ongoing developments and new modules will continue to be developed within UCT- often influenced by the requirements of Elemental Technologies’ clients. Once these developments and modules reach maturity they are assigned across to the company. Elemental has matured to the point where some activities are commercially viable and can be applied to aid the cutting-edge designs of both local and overseas companies. The company will also provide South African jobs to the highly-skilled graduates that will flow from the postgraduate research, preventing them being lost to overseas.