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PeptoSport®: protein-based muscle-recovery product
16 July 2013

UCT’s Professor Andrew Bosch developed PeptoSport® during research, that he conducted in the Medical Research Council / UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine (ESSM), on the role of carbohydrates and proteins in sports performance. The unique formulation contains key protein hydrolysates (PeptoPro®) which, unlike intact proteins normally found in food, require no digestion and so are absorbed directly into the blood. The product has demonstrated a reduction in post-training muscle soreness in the calf and quadriceps muscles during periods of high training load and is intended to enhance recovery of sportsmen and women.

RC&I licensed the formulation developed by Prof Bosch to DSM Nutritional Products South Africa, who sponsored the research, on an exclusive basis for commercial use. The key to success has been a combination of the type and ratio of carbohydrates included in the formulation, which improves the rate amino acid entry into the muscle from the protein component of the drink, “PeptoPro®“ another DSM product. Both of these products are registered with Informed Sport which is a banned substance screening programme that tests supplements and their ingredients for inadvertent contamination with substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) – a considerable reassurance for top professional athletes, who choose supplement products that are made to the highest quality standards.

PeptoSport®’s market success brings royalty revenue into UCT to reward the inventor and fund further research in the ESSM.

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