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Hot Platinum: Innovative Platinum Casting Equipment
8 April 2013


Hot Platinum, started in 2005, manufactures the award winning ICON 3CS. This compact and versatile induction furnace machine is designed for production of quality platinum, stainless steel, gold and silver jewellery. The casting machine operates off a single phase 220V electrical supply and can cast up to 25 rings simultaneously using an innovative centrifugal casting unit. This makes the machine more energy efficient (melting 150 g of platinum requires less energy than boiling a kettle) and minimising the amount of 'excess' metal inventory required for the casting (using up to 40% less metal than competing casting systems to produce the same yield). These features, together with its wide melting range and ease of use, makes it ideal for small to medium jewellery manufacturers, design studios, goldsmiths and dentists.

The ICON 3CS is manufactured, with European Certification, at Hot Platinum's production facility, established in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. These units, as well as other higher power systems for mining and commercial heating application, are sold both locally and internationally, having had success in countries such as Denmark, India, Thailand, Greece, Russia, UK and US.

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