Research Contracts


The Research Contracts & Innovation (RC&I) office is responsible for negotiating and authorising research-related contracts with external parties on behalf of the University of Cape Town. Research contracts cover many situations and may include, but are not exhaustive of the following: Memorandum of Understanding, Collaboration Agreements, Consortium Agreements, Service Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Grants (e.g. European Commission, National Institutes of Health), Tenders, Material Transfer Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements. Contracts are entered into with a wide range of external bodies including industry, government departments, international entities, agencies, other universities, and individuals.

The Contract Managers at RC&I work closely with the Faculty Finance Offices, researchers, and their faculties and departments when negotiating a research contract. The Contract Managers also assist with the completion of applications for funding and the approval thereof, advising about the costing and pricing of research and VAT, advising on IP policies, and the development of research-related policies.

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