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Submit application to

Check for errors and save

  • Once you have properly completed all required documents and attached any required or optional documentation, save the completed application click on the "Check Package for Errors" button to ensure that you have completed all required data fields. This will identify all mandatory fields that have not been completed. The error check looks for empty mandatory fields. It does not ensure that the information entered in the fields is valid or that required agency -specific information has been entered. Proof the forms for correct and accurate data. The error check process is time-consuming and tedious. Only one error at a time shows, and you cannot move to the next error until the first error is corrected. Correct any errors or if none are found, save the application package.
  • Save the completed application by clicking on the "Save" button.

Send File to RC&I

Send the file to RC&I only when it is error free. RC&I cannot access forms online until the file is sent to RC&I as an email attachment.


Addition information to be provided

  • Health Sciences C-1 form
  • Human/Animal Subjects approval, if applicable
  • Subaward documentation, if applicable

Deadline for submission to RC&I is at least 5 working days prior to the date the Agency's submission deadline. If the 5 working day deadline is not met, RC&I cannot accept responsibility for the timely delivery of the proposal to the Agency.

The SO and PI can log onto the eRA Commons to view the error codes and warnings.

Warning:Warnings do not stop the application from being accepted by the Commons eRA System; however, each warning should be looked at carefully to avoid delays or issues later on in the peer review process. Some warnings may still require correction and resubmission.

Note: You cannot submit a application yourself - only an UCT authorised representative (AOR) can submit an application

What happens thereafter?

Once a file is submitted through, it is held there until retrieved by the agency. For NIH process see NIH GRANTS.GOV submissions