National Institute of Health & other US Federal Funding is the single Federal source for finding and applying for competitive discretionary grants for more than nine hundred Federal competitive grant programs across all 26 Federal grant making agencies.

It is important for Principal Investigators, departmental administrators, and anyone assisting with the preparation of grant proposals to be familiar with the use GRANTS.GOV. Detailed guidance is available through the web site, which provides a user guide, tutorials, and demonstrations:

Getting started

  • Utilize the training resources well before the deadline
  • Download PureEdge software before you actually need it. Note: Abode is now also in use. It is strongly recommended that you use Adobe (full package) rather than a freeware PDF converter
  • Download the agency-specific application and instructions of your choice and begin reviewing both early

Note: Principal Investigators should NOT register on Only the Institution and the Authorized Organization Representative(s) need to be registered on Both the University of Cape Town and the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for UCT, are registered on

To apply for funding you do not need to be an AOR. Refer to RC&I's "Administrative Information" to complete fields such as DUNS number, Tax ID Number etc.