World IP Day, 2017: Exhibition of UCT’s Innovative Technologies

12 May 2017 - 11:15

RC&I recently held an exhibition to commemorate the World Intellectual Property Day on the April, 24th and 26th, 2017 at Medical School and on Upper Campus, respectively. The theme for this year was “Innovation – Improving Lives”. In line with this year’s theme, we showcased some of UCT’s cutting edge technologies that have been invented by our research community that improve the quality of our lives. Through the exhibition, we also aimed to raise IP awareness within the university and to encourage an innovation culture among colleagues and staff. Both events were a great success.

During the exhibitions, students and staff from different disciplines were taken through a tour as they viewed various prototypes and products available on the different stands, as well as those that were represented on the posters and banners.  We believe that this engagement gave students an opportunity to imagine themselves as future innovators and entrepreneurs, and work at being the frontiers in solving problems within the society.

Innovation plays a key role in the advancement of different spheres of human life.  Technologies profiled included the Paediatric Metered Dose Inhaler (PDMI) which is attached to standard medicinal inhalers (e.g. asthma) to reduce the force required to dispense the medicine when used by children or the elderly.  The “Hand Exoskeleton” aids handwriting rehabilitation of stroke patients. It fits over the wearer’s hand and guides the movement as they trace an image on a computer tablet with a stylus, enabling coordination to be re-learnt.

These technological advancements offer improved ways of treating existing medical conditions and we are delighted that outcomes from UCT’s research is already making great impact in the society!

We also wish to thank the Department of Science and Technology’s National IP Management Office (NIPMO) for their continued support and sponsorship of the World IP Day events.