World IP Day – Reach for Gold

14 Jun 2019 - 12:15

This year’s World IP Day campaign focused on sport and IP, exploring how innovation, creativity and IP rights encourage and protect innovations that support the development of sport and its enjoyment around the world.

UCT celebrated World IP Day with a seminar in collaboration with the Exercise Sports Science Medicine (ESSM) Department and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SISSA). The seminar featured talks from IP nad technology commercialization specialists an Inventor of IP applicable to sports. 

Patent attorney Érik van der Vyver from Von Seidels, with an aptitude for electronic and computer implemented inventions and patent litigation, presented on cutting edge technologies used in sports, highlighting various applicable intellectual property rights and the trends in current and future protection strategies implemented by leading sports conglomerates.

The second talk was given by Technology Commercialisation Manager Francois Oosthuizen. He gave insight into how research from UCT is commercialised with a focus on sports IP.  He provided a case study of how a technology developed at UCT moved from TRL 1 to TRL 9 and ultimately to the formation of a spin-out company.

The final speaker Dr Amir Patel, an Inventor and senior lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering shared his journey of product development from the research ideation phase to getting towards a commercialised product. Dr Patel told a fascinating story of how his robotics research has been inspired by the movement of the cheetah’s tail. He currently has two patents filed, an Italian (Provisional) and PCT, for his invention the “Wireless Motion Tracker” which as an Inertia Motion Tracker (IMU) based wearable system that overcomes challenges of existing IMU technologies.  The audience also got to hear advice from Dr Patel on the obstacles that he encountered in developing his product and the lessons he learnt along the way. UCT news published a story of Dr Patel’s research.

The programme concluded with a demonstration of the Fitness Test co-developed by UCT and SISSA and successfully licensed to the a leading medical health insurer to determine the health of their members. The Grucox Eccentric trainer which is a bike developed by Grucox was also on display at the event.