UCT Exhibits at Innovation Bridge 2017

31 Oct 2017 - 09:30

The time has come and gone for the Department of Science and Technology’s 2017 Innovation Bridge event. UCT participated alongside other champions in the National Innovation System to showcase locally produced innovations to industry, ialisation partners and other interested stakeholders. Champions included higher education institutions, science councils and private organisations.

Three technology platforms were exhibited by UCT: hydrogen fuel cell components; plant-made biologics and additive manufactured medical devices.

The Innovation Bridge Technology Matchmaking and Showcasing Event is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), aimed at enabling linkages and networking between South African innovators, industry and public and private technology development entities as well as local and international commercialisation and funding partners. This year’s event took take place at Gallagher Convention Centre on 15 September 2017.

UCT was represented by Francois Oosthuizen and Saberi Marias Technology Commercialisation Managers at RC&I and they were accompanied by:

  • Dr Sudesh Sivarasu, UCT Biomedical Engineering
  • Belinda Shaw, CEO of Cape Bio Pharms (Pty) Ltd
  • Gian-Carlo Beukes and Gokul Nair, Postgraduates from UCT BME
  • Scott de Beer, Postgraduate from UCT Molecular and Cell Biology

The team from UCT provided an excellent balance of technical and technology transfer expertise to present the technologies to a wide audience of investors, industry collaborators and licensees. 

The technology opportunities exhibited by UCT were very exciting and attracted a lot of attention. The technologies were selected to demonstrate the diverse capacity at UCT as well as the maturity of innovations flowing from UCT R&D.  Technologies exhibited were:

  • Additive Manufactured Medical Devices

UCT’s Biomedical Engineering division (UCT BME) strives to create cost effective designs and use innovative materials to ‘3D print’ medical devices. Especially with the aim to solve unmet clinical needs identified. UCT has the enabling design, development, clinical, and clinical trial Infrastructure for commercial partners. UCT is now in the process of searching for licensing partners for this project as well as future additive manufactured medical devices.

  • Plant Made Biologics

This is an exciting initiative to commercialise the biotechnology developed by the Biopharming Research Unit at UCT. Our aim is to develop a world-class commercial-scale capability in RSA for the production of patented plant-produced enzymes, diagnostic reagents, recombinant proteins and vaccines for animal health. Presenting a viable alternative to tissue culture production. UCT is currently seeking funding to bring the first basket of products to market.

  • Hyplat (Pty) Ltd

HyPlat (Pty) Ltd is a specialist fuel cell technology company focused on delivering superior Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs) and platinum group metal-based catalysts to the Low-Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (LTPEM) fuel cell sector. Their superior manufacturing efficiencies at significantly reduced costs allow the company to tailor-make MEAs and catalyst products for client specific needs.  HyPlat’s patented manufacturing processes offer the superior efficiency of components at significantly reduced costs and allow the company to tailor-make MEAs and catalyst products for client specific needs. HyPlat is seeking investment to scale production to meet global market needs.

The diversity and maturity of the technology offerings attracted interest from many different stakeholders. One of the notable stakeholders was Minister Naledi Pandor who can be seen engaging with Dr Sivarasu, Ms Shaw and Mr Marais at the UCT stand: