UCT Café Scientifique: 2018/9 series launches

12 Sep 2018 - 11:15

The 2018 series of Café Scientifique will be held in the last quarters of 2018 and early in 2019 at the Chemical Engineering Building (Upper Campus, UCT). Selected themes will explore impact of measurements and metrology, neurosurgery, molecular biology and infectious diseases, and ICT4D.  The events kick off with a presentation by Prof Andy Buffler on 18 September 2018 entitled “Impact of Measurement”.  RSVP details below.

RC&I launched the first local (SA) Café Scientifique meeting in 2013. Café Scientifique, which is sometimes dubbed as “science for the sociable”, brings people together in a friendly, informal “pub” atmosphere in an after-work, happy-hour context.

A total of 13 events has been successfully hosted by RC&I since inception in 2013. These events had featured leading inventors in different research areas who were invited to give a talk on their research in a very comprehensible language to a generic audience that are typically from academia, industry, and communities.

Previous events had featured speakers from diverse research fields such as vaccine development, biofuels, TB diagnostics, surgical inventions, computational fluid dynamics, design thinking, among others. The Café Scientifique is a platform where state-of-the art ideas and innovations are shared by innovators undertaking cutting-edge research in the course of addressing a general audience in a café style environment.

UCT creates substantial impact through innovation. The RC&I currently manages about 125 IP rights in Active Portfolio with an estimated R3.58 m income generated from IP commercialisation for Y2017. The market uptake, societal need and impact-based nature of research outputs emanating from UCT encourages the need to establish outreach programmes that facilitates interactions between University, Society and Industry. The Café Scientifique events stimulate active discussions around science, engineering and innovation.

Booking early is a key requirement to secure a seat at one of these events. Café Scientifique is run about 4 - 5 times a year in the evening from 6 for 6.30pm on campus.  We serve snacks and drinks at the session and there is an opportunity for networking. The event is sponsored by Spoor & Fisher. There are links to videos of some previous events here.

Should you wish to be put on the invitation list, please contact Candice Jacobs