UCT’s 21st Spin-Off Company - Cape Catalytix

13 Sep 2017 - 13:30

After being incubated for a number of years within UCT in order to determine its long-term viability, Cape Catalytix (Pty) Ltd has been formally incorporated now in 2017 as a spin-off company.  The company will manufacture the catalysis test units that have been supplied by UCT to other institutions in South Africa for their research.  The company has been also licensed the In Situ XRD cell patents from UCT and these have potential in both local and overseas markets.  A Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) Seed Fund project is supporting obtaining CE marking for the cell  – a requirement for sales in Europe.


UCT holds equity in this spin-off and additionally a number licenses have been concluded for a range of intellectual property rights.  Cape Catalytix has been granted the right to use the Ikey™ trade mark on its products – a great link back to the university.  This is the third spin-off company coming from the Department of Chemical Engineering and UCT’s 21st spin-off since 2004.