Two new spin-off companies recognised in 2016

27 Feb 2017 - 15:00

Along with the announcement of the final Innovation metrics for 2016, came the formal recognition of the two new UCT spin-off companies, Dream Haven and Cape Bio Pharms:

Dream Haven (Pty) Ltd

Dream Haven (Pty) Ltd has been established by Maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Rushdi Hendricks, to develop a novel medical device that will address sleep apnoea.  Dr Hendricks invented the device with Prof Deon Bezuidenhout (Health Sciences).  Successful animal trials have been completed using TIA Seed funding and further funding is currently being sought for the human trials. 

The company will also commercialise another invention that Dr Hendricks co-invented, the maxillofacial distractor, which reconstructs the upper jaw bone.  This formed the core of Dr Hendrick’s PhD studies, with co-inventors Prof George Vicatos and James Boonzaier providing Mechanical Engineering design.  This device has been successfully used in eight patients and is closer to market.

Cape Bio Pharms (Pty) Ltd

Cape Bio Pharms was started up to produce proteins in transiently modified tobacco plants at commercial scale.  The proteins can be used as reagents, incorporated in diagnostics and even as vaccines.  UCT has drawn together a partnership with a company that will undertake the purification and marketing of the proteins into their current market base. The products have been selected based on a NIPMO-funded strategic review and TIA Seed Funding support to the Biopharming Research Unit (Molecular & Cell Biology) was used to further developed of the products. These will create a pipeline of products that will be commercialised by the company.