Technology Commercialisation Course for graduates and academics to start in August

7 Jul 2014 - 12:15

This highly successful course, running for the 3rd consecutive year, is targeted at science, engineering or technology-based graduate participants, post-docs, researchers, and those interested in the process of taking technologies from the lab to the market place.

The object of the course is to enhance your knowledge on Intellectual Property (IP), licensing of technologies, industry & market research, business plan development, valuation models and the process for new business development, inter alia.  There will also be presentations by a number of start-up entrepreneurs.

WHERE: 1 day at each of UWC , UCT , CPUT & SU campuses (transport will be provided)

WHEN: Every Tues, starting 5 August 2014 - 26 August 2014: 09h00-16h30


Details for registration are provided on the flyer or directly on the course website.

Where students may want to register for credits, this can be done through EBE using course code CHE 5083Z. Any queries on UCT registration can be directed to Prof Sue Harrison ( or Dr Madelyn Johnstone Robertson (