Solution Space Launches at GSB

7 Apr 2014 - 10:15

At the heart of its Waterfront campus, UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has created a platform for a modern approach to innovative business models, products and services – the Solution Space.  A great environment where one can sketch out your concepts by writing on the walls, as you collaborate with others in this stimulating environment.  It’s also the domain of the first intake of MPhil students by the GSB Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Solution Space is a prelude to a multi-million rand initiative that will result in "Workshop 17", a joint initiative of V&A Waterfront and UCT GSB. The Solution Space is funded by UCT Vice Chancellors strategic fund and The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation.

The Solution Space aligns with GSB philosophy of educating students by providing hands on training whilst grappling with real solutions to real challenges within society and the business world.

The Solution Space serves as a link between students, social inventors, entrepreneurs, foundations, government and industry players through concerted collaboration to generate new and creative ways to solve multiplex issues facing our continent.

Essentially the Solution Space is a shared learning and work space with a progressive, dynamic and open cultured environment where businesses, government, pedagogical and civil society can express and challenge ideas form all walks of life, trade knowledge and experiences and ultimately pilot and incubate effective business innovations.

The Solution space is made up of 3 overlapping main activities:

Learning lab- devoted to teaching, learning and research. Training MBA's through relevant academic knowledge that can be practically applied to real global problems, including the option of training in Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) degree specialising in inclusive innovation. The purpose is for students to acquire business fundamentals whilst completing their actual degree empowering the learner to take on a holistic approach in churning out solutions in their particular field.

Incubator- a colourful workspace in favour of stimulating creativity is available for meeting, networking and business set-ups as a 'hot desk', at a nominal and flexible fee. The facility boasts Wi-Fi, printing facilities, lounging area and provision for conference space.

Exchange- ultimately it is a collective space for innovators and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to working together and exchanging ideas, insights and expertise conducive to fruitful solutions that will scale social impact.

The Solution Space is available to everyone. Visit Solution Space for more information.