RCIPS becomes Research Contracts & Innovation (RC&I)

14 Nov 2016 - 09:15

At the beginning of 2016 it was decided that the Department of Research and Innovation that housed the Research Office and RC&I would separate into two separate departments.  During this transition, RCIPS elected to change its name and bring in the term “Innovation” which better describes the current breath of activity of the “IP Management” component of the office.  The name change became official in May 2016 and is currently being updated on our website, etc.  


The change has also given rise to the creation of a departmental logo, which will be used in conjunction with the UCT logo.



The logo was designed to carefully consider the two aspects of the department, and bring them together into one recognisable, cohesive design. The research contracts side is represented by the scales of justice, symbolic of the lawyers overseeing research contracts signed on behalf of the institution. The lightbulb surrounding the scales represents the innovative research and inventions that arise at UCT, and refers to the intellectual property and innovation activities.


As with all internal unit logos at UCT, in terms of the IP Policy one must ensure that the association with UCT is clear and that the unit is not confused as a separate legal entity from the university.  The UCT logo is displayed on the left and the departmental logo on the right.