New Faces, New Places, New Posts

26 Mar 2014 - 14:45

The National IP Management Office (NIPMO) has generously awarded RCIPS funding to support a number of new posts that will significantly increase the capacity of RCIPS to serve the UCT research community and importantly increase the efforts directed at commercialising the UCT IP Portfolio. This is the second NIPMO-funded project and will run till the end of 2016.

RCIPS is pleased to welcome the first two new team members: Francois Oosthuizen (Project Manager) and Jayde Barends (Marketing Intern). They are also the first occupants of our additional new offices in the “front building” on our site, which will house our "commercialisation" cluster and meeting room. Francois will be involved in managing the various seed funding initiatives that are now operating within UCT (see more under the Innovation Support tab).

Read more about Francois and Jayde on our 'About Us' page here.