Materials Disclosure Forms Streamlined!

12 Jul 2018 - 13:15

A new set of “Outbound” and “Inbound” materials disclosure forms have been created and are available from the RC&I website as downloads.  These forms ask key questions that ensure that the Contracts Manager can draft the appropriate Materials Transfer Agreement, or ensure that an agreement that the provider of the materials sends to us matches with the anticipated use of the material by the UCT Researchers.

A guide has been created on the last page to explain what information is being sought on the form and sometimes the reasoning why this information is required.  If after reading the guidelines you are still uncertain about completing a specific aspect of the form, you are welcome to contact Dr Andrew Bailey or Ms Naseema Sonday for help.

Materials transfer can also trigger other legislation / permit requirements, that the Contracts Manager needs to assess the need for (e.g. in terms of the Biodiversity Act).  For outbound materials such as blood, there is a quick Section A on the “Outbound” form to minimise the information that is required.  Often here samples are being sent to labs for analysis and an MTA is required now by the Department of Health prior to them issuing a permit for the export of the samples.