Global Green Chemistry Centres Meet

22 Jul 2014 - 15:00
Global Green Chemistry Centres Meet

UCT is proud to host the second symposium of the Global Green Chemistry Network (GCN) which will be held at the Two Oceans Aquarium from 24-26 August 2014.

GCN was established by the Royal Academy of Chemistry in 1998 with the purpose of promoting green and sustainable chemistry in all sectors pedagogic and industrial.

During 2013, the GCN started a new initiative, “G2C2”, to stimulate communication between the many green chemistry centres in emerging countries across the globe and also to aid developing centres. G2C2 network meetings will be hosted by GCN annually to encourage networking.

GCN president James Clark says that he is delighted that the 2nd G2C2 meeting will be held in South Africa where vital resources and growing markets are important for a sustainable society in future. Deputy VC, UCT Danie Visser also remarked that the GCN philosophy is very much in line with University’s pledge to align its core mission with sustainable development.

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