Competition: celebrating World IP Day and digital creativity with memes

26 Apr 2016 - 14:30

To celebrate World IP Day, RCIPS is proud to announce our meme competition generously sponsored by NIPMO. Using the Creative Commons, the goal is to create a dialogue centred around where we get our digital content and why we need to be aware of image licencing.

The competition is open to all students and staff, and is part of World Intellectual Property (IP) Day. World IP day is celebrated annually on the 26th April, initiated by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), and is aimed at raising IP awareness within the university.

This year’s theme is “Digital Creativity – Culture Re-imagined!”  The theme has to do with the way in which cultural works cross borders through digital media, inspiring creation of new global cultures. The focus is on intellectual property ownership (e.g. copyright) in these works.

What is a meme?

According to Wikipedia, a meme is "an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture". It is a unit carrying cultural ideas or practices.

Photo: Jim Merithew/ | From Terminator Salvation Uses Badass Robots to Explore Humanity

Winners of the competition will receive prizes from our UCT Campus Store.

Important dates for the competition

  • Competition opening date: 26 April 2016 (World IP Day)
  • Closing date: 19 May 2016
  • Announcement of the winners: 27 May 2016 (time and venue will be confirmed)
    • Dr Tobias Schonwetter will present on creative commons, copyright and interesting case studies relating to copyright in photographs (e.g. “the monkey selfie”)

About the competition

  1. Submit up to three memes in any of the two categories listed below. Submitted memes should be original:
    1. Wild Card: Anything entered into this category must relate specifically to UCT campus life.  This can be an original picture of oneself or one’s friends, with or without text, or you can use online meme generators as long as it relates to or comments on campus life (e.g.
    2. Photoshop Battle: use the images provided by RCIPS as starting point to create a meme photo (see links at the bottom of the article).


  1. Congratulations, you have now created a work that can be protected by Copyright!  As owner, you have freedom to choose which rights you want to reserve. A valid entry to this competition must show that you have considered this important aspect by sharing memes under a Creative Commons licence of your choice (see the below or back of the card for quick reference):
    1. Go the following link:
    2. Select the options you feel most appropriate to the way in which you want to share your meme (you have flexibility in selecting the rights!).
    3. Once you have identified the most appropriate licence, go to and download the symbol relating to your licence.
    4. Copy/paste the symbol onto your meme before sharing on social media.


  1. Submit your meme:
    1. Memes must be shared online (on our UCT Meme Competition Facebook group or Twitter) using the hashtags #worldipday, #RCIPS and #UCT.
    2. Each entrant is limited to three meme submissions only.

Competition terms and rules

  • Memes must be the original work or idea of the entrant. Memes found to have been submitted by someone other than the creator will not be considered.
  • You must ensure you have permission for any material you use in your meme as such material may have copyright.  You can either use royalty free images found online, use your own images, or use images shared under a Creative Commons Licence.  If the latter, you must share your meme according to the rights registered from the creative commons.  If using a meme generator, the images are not necessarily free for use, so you are advised to check the rights on the image.
  • Memes should not contain:
  • Discriminatory content relating, but not limited to: race, religion, and gender.
  • No any sexual content and innuendo.
  • Inappropriate and off-topic content; links to unrelated or irrelevant content.
  • Spam.
  • Slanderous comments that target either UCT or any of its sub-brands.
  • Offensive language including hate speech, profanity, defamation and vulgarity.
  • Bullying, harassment, threats and stalking.
  • Duplicated and incomplete posts.

The jury and final decision

  • Once the deadline has past, the RCIPS team will select the two final winners.
  • The two prizes will be awarded to the most popular meme and the most creative meme.
  • The winners will be judged on originality, humour and representation of UCT campus life.
  • The winners will be announced on the 27 May 2016 (venues will be announced shortly).


  • Most Creative Meme: laptop bag and small stereo speakers.
  • Most Popular Meme: UCT labelled Backpack and Bluetooth® earphones for running.

For more information and questions email us at:

By sending your meme to this competition you agree to adhere to the above rules, terms and conditions. Submitted memes not meeting the above rules will not be considered.

*Photoshop Battle Image 1

*Photoshop Battle Image 2

*Photoshop Battle Image 3