Annual Water Accelerator Call by the Water Technologies Demonstration (WADER) Programme

11 Dec 2017 - 10:15

The Water Research Commission has invited innovative solutions from Public and Private institutions as part of their Annual Water Accelerator Call.

The Call is part of the Water Technologies Demonstration (WADER) Programme with the intention to identify and demonstrate innovative and sanitation solutions that will contribute to achieving the objectives of the National Water Research, Development and Deployment Programme (See here).

The funding will enable the development and demonstration of highly innovative technologies and practices at the emerging, pre-commercial and newly commercialised stages of diffusion in the following categories:

A. Water related alternative energy sources

B. Alternative sources of water

C. Non-Revenue Water

D. Water Reuse (Industrial/Domestic Wastewater/Greywater/Mine Water)

E. Innovative low energy technologies to store/or treat water at households and local scales.

F. Innovative decentralised low energy sanitation systems.

G. Smart Water Conservation Demand Management (WCDM) devices for commercial buildings and/or households.

H. Smart apps to support behavioural change and practice for consumers and their municipalities.

I. Smart technologies to manage water distribution and sewerage systems.

If you are interested in applying for Wader funding and require more information, please refer above for the Call Letter and Expression of Interest template for submission to the WRC.

The deadline for applications is  the 15th February 2018 by 4pm.

For additional information, Please contact

Saberi Marais (RC&I) and/ or
Manjusha Sunil (WRC)