Annual UCT Innovation Booklet Published

16 Oct 2017 - 16:15

RC&I’s annual “Innovation at UCT” publication is now available.  The theme of this year’s publication is “Elements of Innovation” and some really creative periodic tables were found (and used as section dividers) that are certainly very different to the most conventional depiction of the periodic table of elements.  But, RC&I created their own “elements” such as “Creativity”, “Community”, Collaboration”, “Spin-off Company”, “New Patent”, “Prototype”, “TIA Seed Fund” and the key element “Inventor”.  These symbols were used throughout to tag the articles.

Several innovation case studies are presented ranging from intra-cranial pressure measurement, to leak detection in municipal water distribution systems to software capable of identifying a single instrument from a recording so that it may be ‘extracted’ from the recording.  Various innovation metrics are presented and new provisional patent applications are profiled.  Five UCT Inventors are also featured: Nabeel Hussain, Prof Jo-Ann Passmore and Dr Lindi Masson, Giancarlo Beukes and Dr Ann Meyers, with backgrounds in science, engineering and health sciences and ranging from staff members to PhD and MSc students.  Their stories will certainly inspire other future inventors.

NIPMO is gratefully acknowledged for their sponsorship which made the publication and creation of this booklet possible.