30,000th Contract Logged

1 Jun 2018 - 14:15

The first contract logged on our system was for work that was undertaken for a pharmaceutical company on bioequivalence of one of their generic products.  The work was conducted by the Division of Pharmacology and Professor Helen McIlleron was the Principal Investigator.  This 2001 contract was signed by our current RC&I Director as in his then role as Research Contracts Manager, of the Office of Industry Liaison (OIL) Department of Research Development.

The 30,000th contract was logged in May 2018 for Contracts Manager, Naseema Sonday and with amazing coincidence the Principal Investigator is once again Prof Helen McIlleron!  In this case the contract relates to an addition to a Consortium Agreement that is being entered into with Medicins Sans Frontieres.  To date (end May) a total of 1111 new contracts have been logged for the Contracts Managers to review wince the commencement of 2018.

Over the 16 years, contracts have been migrated from Excel onto the University Office database in 2001, which was upgraded around 2009 to the web-based Integrated Research Management System (IRMA), that is currently in use.  In 2018 the contracts database will be migrating to the Converis platform. 

Over the years the contracts database has been used by the Research Office (and Finance) to log NRF grants and other internal grants (which are not processed by RC&I) and currently the records associated with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are logged on the system.  Not all contracts make it to final signature, with a number being abandoned during contracting for a variety of reasons.