‘Appropriate’ Health Technology Innovation Though Frugal Biodesign

26 Nov 2019 - 09:15

The focus on embracing appropriate health technology innovations has not been receiving enough attention. Most of the value propositions in health techs revolve around making healthcare affordable. However, by making technology low-cost does not automatically make if more affordable. There is a lot of innovation locked within such technology designs, however, the complexities of the healthcare industry are not considered.

A re-orientation is crucial given that digital technologies can revolutionize how people interact with national health systems, from enhancing their reliability to coverage. Dr Sudesh Sivarasu, a serial inventor, and an associate professor of biomedical engineering in the department of Human Biology of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town was speaking at the August edition of the Café Scientifique event, a public science initiative hosted by Research Contracts and Innovation Department (RC&I) at the University of Cape Town and sponsored by intellectual property (IP) law firm Spoor & Fisher.

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