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Innovation Opportunities

Innovation Opportunities presents some of the recent technologies emanating from the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) research in different industry sectors that are available for commercialisation.  Technologies range from early stage, where development is still required, to those licensing opportunities where a commercial partner is needed to realise the innovation.  The university also incubates virtual companies and new ventures that have started making their products available commercially – these have also been included in the ‘products’ section.

Whilst technologies have been categorised in their primary sector, they may be relevant to other sectors too.  This publication is printed periodically, the on-line version includes the most current, latest offerings (Download link in right hand side column).

Research Contracts and Innovation (RC&I) acts as the liaison between UCT’s research community and the private sector with regards to intellectual property, commercialisation and business development activities.  RC&I has helped to transfer numerous technologies from the university laboratories to industry both locally and internationally.

RC&I seeks to stimulate the growth of a diversified South African economy that is globally competitive, especially by fostering small business development and through the creation of local jobs.  Additionally selected technologies are actively licensed to global market leaders who have the capacity to bring products to international markets, whilst ensuring that the South Africans see the benefits of this innovation.

For additional information, or to discuss any other these opportunities in more detail, please contact Francois Oosthuizen, Project Manager, at RC&I  (phone: +27 (0)21 650 1867; email: or and +27 (0)21 650 4015.