Cafe Scientifique 

Symbiotic Sensor and Communication System

The  technology is a sensor system designed to function as part of a communication system that uses electromagnetic spectrum in the Whitespace Allocations. 



CommSense System

The innovation, termed CommSense, is a sensor system that utilises established communication systems to monitor changes in an environment. The technology has the potential to detect incidents such as traffic conditions, floods, fires, insurgent activity, crop growth, etc..



SCARAB Inspection Robot

The UCT Scarab robot technology was developed as a low cost tool that could be deployed in  dangerous environments (e.g. collapsed buildings, following natural disasters) to inspect the environmental layout and determine the presence of people. 




Multi-gene drought tolerance cassette

A combination of genes are expressed in concert by a single inducible promoter to produce a drought tolerance phenotype in crops.

Biotransformation of linear alkanes


The UCT technology enhances bioprocesses for the production of valuable oxygenated chemicals, such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, hydroxyacids, and dicarboxylic acids, from alkanes via enzymatic biotransformation.

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