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Creating a UCT Spin-Off

This Guide aims to provide a framework for the creation of a spin-off company to commercialise UCT intellectual property.  Whilst some of the processes are generic to any company, the guide covers the various approval routes and processes used by the university.

Funders, government and stakeholders have all looked to universities to ensure that society benefits more fully from the research conducted, through effective technology transfer. As a result, researchers have shifted their research focus to develop intellectual property (IP) that has commercial application and societal impact.  This in turn has increased the formation of spin-off companies by universities to effectively commercialise the IP, creating new career opportunities for staff and students.  UCT strongly supports innovation activity and is increasingly strengthening support systems for entrepreneurship as part of its 2030 vision.

RC&I has created a series of guides that this publication is part of.  Two other relevant Guides are the Inventors Guide and Bridging the Gap – A Guide to Innovation Funding at UCT can be obtained electronically / contact us for a hardcopy.